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I am justifiably proud of the fantastic fruits that are grown in the UK, the soft berries of the summer, the apples, pears and plums of early autumn are, I believe without equal. They embody everything that is so special about the seasons; an all too brief summer still manages to produce such wonderful produce.

Blood Peach
It is because of our climatic position on the food map that we have had to look to other countries for our fruit supplies throughout the winter months and, as much as I wave the seasonal food flag I cannot imagine a winter without blood oranges and pomegranates.

We now live in an age where exotic fruits are available every day of the year, go to an upmarket Greengrocer or supermarket and you will see ugli fruit, dragon fruit, paw paw and every conceivable melon or orange for sale. But as cynical as one might be about global markets, huge supermarkets and the rest I still feel that sense of fascination I had as a child seeing such different food and wondering how it ever got here. As adults it is easy to take it all for granted and we know that what is on offer is undeniably mass produced and quite unlike the wild varieties found in their home countries but I like to dwell instead on the inspiring foods that they help to create.

I believe it is important to retain that feeling of faraway places when we see and buy imported fruits, they play an important part in our daily diets and in the UK we depend on other countries for our supplies so why not embrace them and take a little of their particular countries cuisine to our hearts at the same time?

The following guide is for fruits not commonly grown in the UK, for a guide to other fruits not listed please click on the fruit guide for more information.

Cape Gooseberry
Paw Paw
Asian Pears
Prickly Pears
Star Fruit

Content and picture Miles Collins