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Amchoor is the Indian name for mango and is an important ingredient in the cuisine of Northern India in particular. It is made from unripe green mangoes that have been sun dried with the skin then ground into a fine powder. The principle use of amchoor is as a souring agent in the same way that lemon or limejuice would be used.

Amchoor Powder

Mainly used in curries, it is also used in stir-fries, chilled drinks, pickles and chutneys and as a tenderising agent for meat and poultry. Amchoor powder can be found in most good Asian greengrocers, it has a beige colour and is high in vitamin C. Crumble the powder in your fingers to separate any lumps that tend to form when left.

If you cannot find amchoor then tamarind, lemon or limejuice make acceptable alternatives.

Content and picture Miles Collins