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Whenever I think of South-East Asia my mind inevitably wanders to the food and in particular the abundance of seafood dishes on offer throughout the region.
Seafood lends itself to so many cookery styles and in Asian cookery firm fleshed seafood such as shark, snapper, squid, prawns and swordfish are perfect for the robust chilli hot sauces and dressings. Each of the regions countries are renowned for a particular style, the combination of cookery method and flavourings.

Three Tastes of the Sea

The Chinese are masters of steaming and deep frying whole fish, the Indians and Malays braise thick chunks of seafood in highly spiced masalas and the Vietnamese and Thai stir fry and char-grill huge prawns for clear soups and salads pungent with fish sauce and fresh herbs. Seafood cookery should be kept as simple as possible, the best ones always are.
Try Singapore chilli crab, Goan fish masala, Vietnamese stuffed squid, Malaysian laksa or Thai seafood salad. Ice cold beer or Riesling is a prerequisite. I have used a little geographical licence and added Sri Lanka and the Indian sub-continent to this section for ease of navigation.

India & Sri Lanka
Singapore & Malaysia