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When buying beef it is important to know what to look for. Freshly slaughtered beef will be bright red and with it devoid of any depth of flavour.

Beef needs to hang in order to maximize its taste and texture. Opinions on the length of hanging vary from a minimum of two weeks up to four and for some beyond. Whatever the time, mature beef will be dark and rich in colour with creamy white fat and good marbling in the flesh. If you have a good local butcher then go there. A butcher who owns his or her own business will realise the importance of sourcing and hanging good beef and will, I would hope, be able to give you information on the source and advise on the right cut for your requirements.

Do not be afraid to buy cheaper cuts of beef as these produce some of the most flavoursome dishes to be had. Chuck steak is ideal for slow cooking as are oxtails and thick flank. With mince there is much to be said for buying some thin flank and mincing the meat yourself to be sure which part of the carcase you are eating.

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