Beef A Guide To Buying, Preparing and Cooking

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As an Englishman, I must confess to a degree of bias towards our national meat. From the days of Henry the Eighth who supposedly knighted a rib of beef to the vilification of British beef during the BSE crisis no other food has such long historical and cultural links with Britain.

Long taunted by the French for our predilection for overcooking meat and beef in particular the fact remains that British beef is one of the world’s great foods. With an average carcase weighing over 300 kilos there is little wonder why there are so many joints and cuts available to the cook. Each cut has its own character and needs to be treated accordingly.

The great thing about beef other than its taste is its accessibility to any number of food styles and budgets. From pan frying an expensive tender fillet to slow cooking chunks of oxtail, beef offers a wide range of cookery methods and tastes from traditional roasts and braises to sautés and stir-fries.
This section covers English, French and American cuts with guides and recipes to buying and cooking classic dishes from around the world.

Buying Beef
The Cuts