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When we consider how many fish species are endangered and should, therefore be taken off the shopping list then Bream could be looked upon as something of a saviour. I say this because it is certainly one of the best ‘underrated’ fish with a wonderful, delicate flavour.

Gilt Head Bream
Sea Bream or Porgies as they are known in America are extremely versatile in the kitchen, I use them in any number of different preparations, steaming them whole, Asian style, pressing into a terrine, baking with Mediterranean flavours or serving them alongside other seafood in a broth, curry or stew. Reasonably priced, I often serve them whole; they are very good baked in a salt crust or with herbs placed inside slashes made in the flesh.

There are many types of Bream found in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. Sea Bream is also known as Gilt Head Bream and Daurade whilst the Americans refer to it as Red Porgy.

Very common on menus across France and Portugal it is easily dealt with; washed and scaled the fillets are easily removed prior to cooking if serving fish on the bone isn’t your thing.

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