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Brill has long played second best to the turbot and sole but for me it is still a premier league fish, although I would still choose the aforementioned over the brill I still love to cook and eat it.


Like turbot, brill is a flat fish, which can be found on the European side of the North Atlantic in shallow waters. At first glance they are quite similar but the turbot is a larger fish with darker skin and no scales whilst the brill has a more rounded body.

June to February is the best time for brill, look for a fish of a kilo or more In weight to ensure good size fillets. Recipes for turbot and sole are interchangeable with brill and there are countless recipes from the French repertoire to keep you busy. Personally, I prefer to cook brill very simply with only a few ingredients. My all time favourite is to roast it on the bone with sliced lemons, rosemary, good olive oil and rock salt then finished with some fillets of anchovy and capers.

If cooking the fish filleted then be sure to keep the bones as they make an excellent fish stock. Be careful not to overcook brill, far better slightly undercooked then too well done.


Content and picture Miles Collins