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British cheese can be truly wonderful, right up there with many of France’s finest whilst at the same time somehow managing to create those plastic obscenities ‘individually wrapped for our convenience’. I really don’t know why we do it to ourselves; if cheese on toast or melted on burgers is what we want then why not use one of our many outstanding cheddars? British cheese is a perfect example of not appreciating just what is on our doorstep, take a closer look at individual counties throughout the Isles and you will find cheese makers who have been producing quality cheeses from generation to generation with a passionate commitment comparable to the French.

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese

England in particular produces a huge range of hard cheese whilst the Welsh have some wonderful flavoured cheese, which I have matched with meat dishes on several occasions. Irish cheese often features on my cheese board (Cooleeney and Cashel Blue in particular) and Scotland’s Lanark Blue and Dunlop are up there with the best.


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