Caraway Seeds a Complete Guide

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The caraway herb has been used in one form or another for over five thousand years but it is the seed, which it produces that is most commonly known. Although the herb is native to Asia and India, it is best known for its use in European cuisine in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Caraway Seeds

Caraway is a strong and distinctive tasting spice and should be used in moderation; its flavour is reminiscent of chervil, anise and fennel and is a common seasoning in Hungarian goulash, soups, stews, sausages and German cabbage dishes. Caraway can also be found in apple dishes, biscuits and the liqueur, Kummel from Germany.

In the Alsace region of France it is served with two of their classic cheeses, Munster and Geromé where it is also known as wild cumin or cumin des prés. Do not confuse the two; although similar in appearance they are unrelated.

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