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A good quality roast chicken has, in my opinion few equals. Served with a dollop of bread sauce, some choice fresh vegetables and a suitable stuffing it makes a truly wonderful Sunday lunch. Like Pork, I think it is the chicken’s usefulness for other things that makes it such an attractive meat. I am sure everyone has his or her own favourite use for leftover roast chicken, be it a sandwich, a soup, a curry or a fricassee or, better still a homemade pie. Whilst picking off the remaining meat don’t forget the carcase, chicken bones make wonderful stocks for soups and sauces, white or brown the flavour is intense and delicious.


‘A good quality roast chicken has few equals’

It is hard to think of a food source that has been as abused as the chicken, the yellow skin of the corn fed chicken is a million miles from the water pumped bleach white monstrosity that adorns our supermarket shelves. We, the consumer buy such rubbish in the name of chicken it beggars belief. Reformed chicken, which, frankly speaks for itself is shaped into breaded nuggets and burgers and then straight into the mouths of societies most vulnerable, the children, whilst the so called fresh frozen at bargain prices go to the equally vulnerable elderly and low income households. The incessant demand for cheaper meats has created this monster called intensive farming which in turn has led to horrific conditions for chickens to endure throughout their miserably short lives.

It would be arrogant of me to suggest that everyone buys the most expensive organic chicken available, as many simply cannot afford it. Better still, I believe would be to buy chicken less often but of a better quality thereby lowering the need for cheaper poor quality chicken whilst enjoying a truly wonderful free-range meal.


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