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Clams are known as a bivalve mollusc, which comes under the umbrella of the shellfish family. Bivalves are creatures, which live between two hinged shells such as mussels, oysters and scallops.

Razor Clams

There are many varieties of clams and they are found off coastal waters across the globe, much loved in the United States for their part in chowder and bakes they are equally as popular in Europe, the Mediterranean and South-East Asia.

Clam recipes tend to be devised according to a certain variety; large razor clams are ideal for steaming with Asian flavours and serving with the cooking vegetables and juices whilst smaller clams such as the carpet and venus are perfect for Italian risottos, pasta and soups.

Be careful when buying clams, they should be fresh and still alive. Wash well under cold running water and then into a bowl of salted cold water to help remove any sand and grit. Rinse off and discard any that are already open.

Clams cook quickly in a hot, covered pan with a little stock, water or wine to create steam. They will take no more than a couple of minutes and be sure to throw out any that remain closed.


Content and picture Miles Collins