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There is a great sense of satisfaction to be had from picking ripe fruits from your own grown trees and bushes and currants add a touch of luxury to the fruit harvest.

White Currants
It is worth growing a bush or two of currants, they are not readily available in the supermarkets and fetch a high price when they are. The fruits are very versatile in the kitchen; the sharpness of redcurrants makes for a superb jelly, which is especially good with roast lamb, whilst black and white currants are essential to a classic British summer pudding. Currants are not particularly difficult to grow, they require some pruning and I find that a healthy handful of potash gives the bushes a kick-start in the spring.

The bushes do need protection from birds; it can be extremely frustrating to see a bush full of near ripe fruits decimated before you have had any chance of harvesting some for yourself.


Content and picture Miles Collins