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As the demand for eating different types of food has increased so has the desire to grow them. With the aid of greenhouses and polytunnels we can enjoy growing a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables from melons to chillies, pomegranates to pak choi.
Growing our own vegetables allows us to experiment with food when perhaps, we might not, to add a few leaves of holy basil and a couple of slivers of fresh chilli to a stir fry or some oriental salad leaves instead of a cos to a summer salad.

As well as growing a standard salad tomato, try other varieties such as plum, yellow cherry or tiger striped. Match these with alternative types of basil or grow some peppery wild rocket or garlic chives for a simple salad. Alongside your runner beans try some Italian borlotti or French yellow beans or white, they add colour and interest to both garden and kitchen table.

Chillies Mulato, guajillo, espanola ++
Aubergines How to grow in your greenhouse or polytunnel
Asian Salads - Herbs Mizuna, thai basil, lemongrass,
Asian Vegetables Bok choy, pak choi, okra
Alternative Salads Red treviso, wild rocket, oak leaf
Beans Borlotti, French white, purple and yellow
Alternative Fruits figs, pomegranates, melon