Fenugreek Seeds

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Also known as methi in Hindi and literally translated as ‘triangular Greek hay’, fenugreek seeds are small light brown bitter tasting seeds used in certain curry powders, pickles, soups and Indian spice pastes. They can easily overpower a dish so use in moderation, I find roasting or dry-frying the seeds prior to grinding helps remove some of the bitterness and, when used carefully can give a dish a warm, earthy taste. The seeds can also be tempered whole in hot oil, particularly for Indian fish curries where the fresh or dried leaves are also used. Use a heavy pestle and mortar or robust coffee/spice grinder, as the seeds are particularly hard.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is an important medicinal herb best known for its digestive qualities and its ability to help increase the milk supply of a breast- feeding mother. Rich in vitamins and minerals it is used in testosterone boosters and has been used more recently in tests to combat breast cancer.

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