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Long believed to be the greatest food and wine country, France gave the world gastronomy and through that, refinement and technique. By taking the simple, everyday peasant dishes of the regions the leading chefs of the day elevated French food to a higher level of sophistication with a disciplined approach that still continues today.
There are notable periods in France’s culinary history, from the early pioneers of Careme and Escoffier, to haute cuisine and the much abused nouvelle cuisine, France has produced many of the worlds greatest chefs; Bocuse, Guerard, Robuchon, Ducasse, Savoy, Blanc, Senderens and Passard.

Photograph courtesy of Xavier Terraulles

All of these have been awarded the status of three stars in the Guide Michelin, widely credited as the greatest food guide in the world. France has twelve main regions for food, each with its own unique range of dishes and wines from Alsace to Burgundy, the Languedoc to Provence, we feature these regions and dishes in other areas of our website, please use the search engine to navigate

Salads Cheese, meat and side salads
Soup Soupe de Poisson, Vicheysoisse,a la oignon
Vegetables Seasonal, gratin's and purees
Meat Classic Bistro dishes
Fish Simple Bouillabaise, Bream, Mullet and more
Desserts Tarts Tatin, Clafoutis and Poached Fruits
Books A list of recommended reading