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Taking its name from the German word ‘Gewürtz’ meaning spice, this is a wine renowned for its intense aroma and taste. A low yielding grape with a pink-grey colour it must be harvested when very ripe to produce a quality wine, as poor quality Gewürtztraminer can be rough and under-flavoured.

Gewürtztraminer has a distinct aroma of rose petals and cinnamon with strong fruit flavours such as lychees, mango and grapefruit on the palette.
Because of this it makes an ideal partner to Asian food, particularly responsive to Thai with its lemongrass, coriander and coconut flavour notes.

With its spiritual home in the Alsace, try it with smoked fish, asparagus, pork and foie gras, or with cheeses such as munster, Roquefort and epoisses. Gewürtztraminer can also be found in Germany, Italy and Eastern Europe, and in lesser quantities in California, New Zealand, Australia and Chile.

Recommended Producers

Léon Bayer
Domaine Paul Blanck
Marcel Deiss
Albert Boxler
Ernest Burn
Domaine Bott-Geyl
René Muré
Seppi Landmann

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