Ghormeh Sabzi Spice Mix

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Technically the name of the dish it is a component of rather than the actual spice mix, ghormeh sabzi is an Iranian stew of lamb or beef, which is flavoured, with a collection of fresh or dried herbs also known as ghormeh sabzi.

Ghormeh Sabzi Spice Mix

As with most spice mixes the ingredients are open to discussion and opinion but for me they should certainly contain coriander, fenugreek, mint, chives, parsley and dried lime powder.

Apart from its use in stews it is also an excellent flavouring for rice dishes and rubs for grilled meat and fish, especially good with lamb steaks prior to char grilling.

The dish ghormeh sabzi is a simple stew of diced beef cooked with onions, potatoes and black eye or kidney beans flavoured with turmeric and the fresh or dried herbs. The end result should be a rich green sauce with the fenugreek providing curry like overtones.

Content and picture Miles Collins