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With the rapid development of travel, television and the internet the once distant shores of exotic countries now seems ever closer to home, and as the possibilities of visiting these countries has increased so has the interest in their particular cuisine.

Food offers a fascinating insight into the lives, religions and geographies of peoples across the globe. We can see how food has crossed borders and continents from centuries ago to shape a particular cuisine, how recipes have evolved over time reflecting our cultural heritage and historical circumstance.

There is no better way to understand the food culture of a country than to visit the local markets. From the fish markets of Southern India, Thailand and Spain, the French mushroom sellers of the Massif Central, the tomato growers of Italy to the spice markets of Mexico and South East Asia. This is the place were the cook and the grower come together, where freshness, quality and product knowledge is paramount.

From these markets came street food, the building blocks of many of the world’s great dishes; satay and murtabak from Malaysia and Singapore, bowls of harira soup from North Africa, tacos from Mexico, flat breads from the Middle East and savoury crepes from Vietnam.

Each country has dishes and flavour tones unique to themselves, herbs and spices play an integral part with varieties giving subtle nuances to distinguish soups, salads and stews from one country to another.

Click on a country of your choice for an overview of the land, people and cuisine, including food types, recipes and menus as well as spice notes and wine suggestions.

Thailand Tom yum to tort man pla
France Fish soup to beignets
Italy Ribolitta to Insalata
Singapore Chilli crab to Laksa leemak
Spain Gazpacho to tapas
India Goan curry to lemon dal
Malaysia The finest of Malaysian dishes
Britian From mutton to Mrs Beeton
Australia From Asia to the Med