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Was there ever a more English sounding herb? Also known as Lincolnshire Asparagus, Mercury, Wild Spinach and Good King Harry it is related to Goosefoot and both have a long history of culinary use but are seldom seen in a traditional herb bed. A perennial, growing up to some two feet in height it has large bright green leaves rich in iron, vitamins and calcium

Good King Henry

How to Grow

Well you donít really need to; it thrives in hedges, fields and common ground and is a curse for many an allotment holder. Once you have identified it for the first time you will pick it out constantly otherwise sow in spring in well-drained soil with partial shade. The seeds are slow to appear and require thinning out but I have grown it in individual pots and left it to spread after planting out.

How to Cook

Pick the leaves when young and cook them as you would spinach. Wash the leaves well and pick double the amount you think you will need. They can be added to a herb salad or make a good accompaniment to grilled fish.

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