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Given the vast size of the country it is no wonder that there is such a huge variety of food on offer.

Religion is a dominating force in India and its practices heavily influence the food of the people. Hindus will not eat beef, Muslims will not eat pork and many are vegetarian.
But, whatever the religious background, the Indians are masters of cooking with spice. Mustard seeds, chillies, fragrant cardamom and cloves, freshly roasted cumin, coriander and cinnamon all combine to make intoxicating masalas used to flavour stews, soups, lentils and fish dishes.
Forget the rogan josh on the high street and explore the true cuisine of India, from spiced lamb in Kashmir to coconut curries in Kerela.

Meat Lamb, Beef, Chicken
Fish Kerelan and Goan specialities
Salads Simple salads and accompaniments
Rice From plain basmati to specialities
Vegetarian Dals, Curries and more