Italian Seafood Cookery

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I love the Italian approach to seafood cookery, straight forward, no nonsense with only a couple of quality, fresh ingredients allowing the fish to be the star. Seafood with pasta is one of the great food marriages, different shapes to suit different sauces, fish and shellfish with the heady aromas of garlic, basil and lemon, whatever the combination they always seem to make sense.

Seafood Tagliatelle

Come the summer I am immediately drawn towards Italian cookery for inspiration and particularly with fish. When I am fortunate enough to get some beautiful turbot or wild bass then I nearly always reach for the olive oil, lemons and fresh herbs and very little else. The Italians are renowned for cooking fish over herbs such as fennel, rosemary and oregano, imparting their flavour without spoiling the delicate taste of the fish.

Experiment with different fish, pastas and herbs and always try to use produce as fresh as possible, donít be afraid to slightly undercook fish, it will be all the more moist for it. Italian seafood cookery is an excellent way to learn all of the different cookery methods as they employ them all; fried, poached, grilled, baked and steamed.



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