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Who doesn’t enjoy Italian food in some form or other? From the ubiquitous pizza to pasta, tomato and mozzarella or luscious ice creams and peppery olive oils. Aside from these, which seemed to have swept across the globe, Italy has a wealth of wonderful food, rich in history and culture and heavily influenced by the regions.
Like France, Italy enjoys extraordinary terrain and climatic conditions, they are passionate about eating food and only when it is season. The Italians take eating very seriously, it is a family affair which is enjoyed over a long period, simple yet endearing dishes to cook over and over.

Salads Tomato, beans, cheese and more
Soup Vegetable, pasta and bean soups
Pasta Types, Sauces, Cooking tips
Meat Osso Bucco, Rabbit, Game
Fish Seafood and Shellfish
Desserts Torta, semi freddo, pannacotta