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Better known in the UK as Dublin Bay Prawn, Norwegian Lobster or, rather less romantically, Scampi. They are a crustacean found in the Mediterranean and North East Atlantic, sadly, they have become increasingly difficult to buy fresh but if you do chance upon some then do not hesitate in buying them. They are superb when just cooked and served with nothing more than fresh lemon and mayonnaise. Although the amount of flesh on a langoustine is negligible they are worth the effort. The flesh is sweet and delicious and looks stunning as part of a fruit de mer plate or resting on the side of a bouillabaisse or Asian style laksa.

Dublin Bay Prawns

I like to pair them with pasta such as tagliatelle or frappe, they work wonderfully well with the pasta combined with other flavours such as garlic, parsley, oregano, white wine, tomato or cream. Be careful not to overcook them or they will shrink to nothing. As for breaded Scampi the less said about that the better. Usually at their best from late Spring through to the Autumn.

Content and picture Miles Collins