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Mullet is a great fish to cook, the red mullet in particular looks stunning and works in perfect harmony with the classic flavours of the Mediterranean; basil, garlic, lemon and olive oil. It offers both visual and taste appeal to a fish soup or stew and is wonderful stuffed with Provencal herbs and baked with olive oil and rock salt.

There are many varieties of mullet, both grey and red, the grey mullet is commonly found in Northern European waters, the Irish Sea and the Spanish Channel. Red mullet is a tropical and warm water fish also known as goatfish. Stocks of Mediterranean mullet are low and should be avoided in favour of the lesser-used grey variety. Most species grow to a maximum size of 30-40 cm and are easily filleted and boned although I do prefer to roast them on the bone to maximize its flavour.

Cooked simply they are all the better for it, use olive oil based dressings such as pesto or tapenade as opposed to a heavy cream sauce. Try other flavours such as; saffron, orange, tomato, rosemary, olives, beans, chorizo sausage, fennel. They are also excellent with a bowl of cous cous and some chopped preserved lemon and mint.

Content and picture Miles Collins