Papaya - Paw Paw

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Whenever I visit South-East Asia I always look forward to a plate of papaya and mango for breakfast, they are the most refreshing of fruits and their deep orange colour stands out from the rest.

Papaya - Paw Paw

Known by both names, papaya is the more common name in the UK and the fruit is used at the unripe and ripe stage. Unripe papaya, better known as green papaya is best known for its use in the fiery salads of Thailand and Vietnam where it is paired with beans, peanuts, fish sauce, garlic, chilli and lime juice.

Ripe papaya contains vitamin A and the enzyme papain, which breaks down protein and the juice, has long been used as a tenderiser for meat. Available all year round the fruits can grow surprisingly large (up to 5lb/2kg) they are best used simply such as in a fruit salad or juiced with a squeeze of lime. Made into a sorbet it provides a perfect palette cleanser to an Asian meal.

Content and picture Miles Collins