Pea Aubergine

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It wasn’t until I ate my first green curry in Thailand that I came across pea aubergines, I remember eating one with more than a little trepidation because in the dim light they looked like fresh green peppercorns floating in an oily slick of coconut curry.

Pea Aubergine

There are a number of varieties of aubergine used in South East Asian cookery, I grew a variety from seeds bought in Singapore which yielded long, tapered chocolate brown fruits quite unlike the Mediterranean variety we are used to.

Pea aubergines grow in clusters and are best served in rich curries or hot relishes where the other flavours help mask their slight bitterness. If using in a curry then add them towards the end of the dishes cooking time, they should retain some of their texture, overcooked aubergines in any dish other than baba ganoush is a waste of the vegetable.

Click aubergine for more information on cooking and growing the Mediterranean variety.

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