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A truly great variety, the Pinot Noir encapsulates all that is crucial in the production of fine wine. It is a frustrating grape to grow, relying on terroir and good fortune during the year to produce what is a notoriously low yielding variety.

The Pinot Noir’s ancestral home is the Côte d’ Or in Burgundy, and although it is widely produced across the globe, producers struggle to reproduce the quality of the Burgundy wines. Pinot Noir relies on the perfect growing season.
It will suffer from a late Spring frost, an overly hot or wet Summer and a dull Autumn. Pinot Noir has low amounts of tannin and relatively high acid levels, it has strong fruit flavours of strawberry, cherry, blackberries and spice. A Pinot Noir high in fruit flavour provides one of the few red wine pairings for Asian food.

Recommended Producers of Cote D' Or
Louis Jadot
Comtes Lafon
Domaine Leflaive
Domine Leroy
Henry Jayer
Bonneau du Martray
Henri Gouges

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