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Pork can and should be a great meat to eat. By thinking about the products most readily associated with pork, that is bacon, sausage and ham it isnít difficult to realise what a huge industry pig production is. Such is the scale of the consumers need for bacon in particular that pigs are bred so intensively to produce a meat so utterly devoid of the taste of true pork that many of us know no better.

Pigs are slaughtered very young, the meat pumped with additives to give a resemblance of pork taste and colour then sent to the supermarkets by the vac-packed tonne. Naturally the supermarkets want our money and for many the thought of paying the premium price for organic pork is simply unimaginable. But if the alternative is anaemic frozen sausages, wafer thin watery ham and bacon then why bother at all?

Buying cheap bacon and sausage is a waste economically and nutritionally, let alone in taste. By paying that bit extra the proof is plain to see in the cooking and eating. Good quality bacon will retain its shape and size, no water will Ďbleedí in the pan or on the grill, instead you will be left with the taste of pork from a pig allowed to roam and eat freely, saved from the stress of intensive breeding and reflected back in the quality of the meat.

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