Pork A Guide To Buying, Preparing and Cooking

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First domesticated in China over five thousand years ago the noble pig has produced a wealth of dishes throughout the centuries using every conceivable part of its body to great effect. Indeed, it is from the days before refrigeration that many of today’s classic pork dishes originate.
Think of the wonderful terrines and saucisson of France, the jamon, prosciutto and schinken of Spain, Italy and Germany respectively and the wonderful, sticky braises of China to remind you of the versatility of this great meat.

Forbidden by the Jews and Muslims and adored in its many guises by others pork is a meat steeped in culinary history yet sadly neglected for its true qualities in favour of mass-produced awfulness to fuel the demand for bacon in particular.

For me, the pig is the epitome of meat preservation, the yield in terms of cuts and cookery methods is quite remarkable and this section covers the vast array of dishes at our disposal.

Buying Pork
The Cuts