Poultry A Guide To Buying, Preparing and Cooking

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Poultry is the collective name for all domesticated birds, which have been raised for the purpose of eating. A complete protein, which contains every essential amino acid, vitamin B as well as important minerals such as phosphorus and potassium. Poultry is lower in fat than red meat particularly when skinless and plays an important part in low cholesterol and calorie-controlled diets.

Corn Fed Chicken and Sage

Unlike game, poultry is available throughout the year due in most part to the horrendous intensive rearing methods producing birds that live short and incredibly stressful lives. Chickens in particular are reared in such poor conditions simply to meet the demands of the supermarkets pricing policy and the consumerís love of chicken at low cost. Ultimately the future of these farming methods is down to the buying power of the consumer and their own mindset. If the price of an organic free-range chicken is twice the price of a standard supermarket variety then the choice is a clear one regardless of the issues of taste and integrity of farming when cost is such a controlling factor for so many people.

The poultry family is a large one; each bird has its own classic recipes including offal where appropriate with the exception of Duck and Goose where Foie Gras can be viewed separately.

Guinea Fowl
Foie Gras