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The classic grape of the Rheingau in Germany where it grows on the steep slopes of the vineyards overlooking the Mosel river. The fruits crop heavily and are late to ripen producing excellent wines, dry or sweet with an inherent acidity

Alsace, Austria, New Zealand, Australia and California all produce very good quality Rieslings but it is Germany’s Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region which produces marvellous apple and honey enriched wine easily enjoyed on its own or paired with fish dishes and citrus flavours. Anyone who has travelled to the Mosel region will appreciate the work involved to produce these fabulous wines. The vines are grown on incredibly steep slopes where a system of monorails carry the workers up the terraces. Alsace produces a drier and stronger Riesling than its German counterparts, wonderful with the regions signature dish ‘choucroute’-pickled cabbage with boiling sausage and cuts of bacon or ham. New World Rieslings have proved an excellent match for the Asian influences in their cuisine. Below are a selection of producers from Germany, France and Australia.

Recommended Producers
Von Schubert
Schloss Johannisberg
Weingut August E Anheuser
R&B Knebel
Fritz Haag
Willi Schaefer

Albert Boxler
Léon Bayer
Marcel Deiss
Marc Kreydenweiss


Tim Adams
Grosset Wines
Howard Park
Leeuwin Estate


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