How to Cook Grouse

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If you have the good fortune to come by a grouse for dinner then the less that is done to it the better. I love cooking and eating game and enjoy pairing the meat with alternative seasonings, seasonal fruits and vegetables whilst ensuring a harmonious combination of flavours at the end. That said, there are times when less is definitely more and in particular when cooking grouse.

Roast Grouse

However hard I try I cannot think of a better way to serve grouse than with some freshly cooked game chips, a bunch of watercress, some crisp bacon from off the bird and a healthy serving of bread sauce and redcurrant jelly. It is a simple garnish yet perfect for roast game, serve alongside some roasted vegetables or buttered cabbage finished with a light game gravy and you have a wonderful autumnal meal.

Roasting grouse calls for a little pre-oven preparation. Like other game birds the meat needs to be kept moist to stop it from drying out so it is advisable to rub butter and/or goose fat over the bird followed by a layer of bacon. Season well and cook in a hot oven for about 20-30 minutes depending on size. Grouse can be served pink and definitely benefit from a five to ten minute rest after cooking. Serve the whole bird, the French consider the legs to be bitter but I find them quite acceptable, a question of taste I suppose but if in doubt cut them off and use for your gravy.

Content and picture Miles Collins