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What makes a great meal? For me, a time and a place. A plate of the freshest squid simply cooked be it on the waterfront in Cape Town, the quayside at Hua Hin, a late lunch on a beach in Langkawi or sunset on the South China sea.
Whatever the dish or the location, every country featured offers its own unique style of seafood dishes, each with its own nuances that sets one apart from the other.
Experiment, be bold and tailor recipes to suit your tastes, just remember the key elements to capture the essence of the dish and its country of origin.

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South East Asia Crab, Shark, Prawns, Squid
Spain Zarzuela, Hake, Clams
Italy Seafood with Pasta, Stews & more
France Scallops, Turbot, Sole and Bream
Britian Bream, Plaice, Eel and Shellfish