Seafood Side Dishes

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When cooking seafood simplicity is the key, let the quality of the product speak for itself. The best known dishes are the simplest so why over complicate things?
Most seafood dishes require very little cooking time, once the ingredients have been prepared the dish can be cooked in a matter of minutes, the same philosophy applies to the accompanying side dishes. Nothing can compare to buttered spinach, creamy mashed potatoes, Jersey royals in parsley butter, a simple green salad or some crunchy French beans.

 When deciding on what vegetables or salad to serve with your fish just look at what the market has to offer on that day and go from there. Leeks are good with white fish, braised fennel works with nearly any fish as does some seasonal broad beans or fresh peas cooked with a sprig of mint and finished with olive oil and/or butter.
But whatever you serve just donít forget the wine!

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