What's in Season - April

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In terms of food to harvest there isnít much to say about April. Late winter crops are all but finished, there are no fruits to be had until May and seafood catches are uninspiring. For me, April is a waiting month, trays of seeds have been sewn in late March and seedlings are sprouting and ready to be potted on. Tender young plants will need to be hardened off before being planted outside in late May when the risk of frost has all but disappeared.

The weather in April is always a challenge, warm and sunny one minute, cloudy and cold the next. Will there be a frost? will it rain all week? Is it too early to plant outside or should I wait? The same dilemmas every year and every year we seem to get caught out. Outside the peas are beginning to show and the garlic and shallots have come through. French flat leaf parsley has been sewn and the polytunnel is full with cut and come again lettuce, oregano, rocket, radish, savory, mizuna and trial sowings of Asian vegetables and salads such as red - white amaranth, Chinese greens, choy sum and Chinese celery. Early sowings of squash (Turkís Turban this year), Kale and red sprouts are doing well in the greenhouse and the garden is slowly showing signs of summer promise.

Best of the wild larder has to be the leeks and garlic which make a wonderful soup or flavouring for pasta, gnocchi or potatoes.

Wild Leeks
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