What's in Season - August

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August- the height of summer with the onset of autumn in our mind. The start of the game season on the 12th does that, autumnal recipes for grouse and snipe almost make us wish the summer heat away.
By now you will know if your tomato crop will be fruitful or struck by the dreaded blight. If fruitful you will doubtless have a glut of ripe fruits that can be used for bottling, freezing or countless chutney recipes for winter enjoyment.

The aubergines in my polytunnel are ready for picking and the chilli plants are showing signs of the harvest to come, lots of varieties from the prolific (and good for drying) cayenne to the mulato, guajillo, Serrano, poblano and jalapeno. French and runner beans are ready as are courgettes and hot house cucumbers.
The Tuscan kale that I planted in my polytunnel in early May is ready for any number of Italian recipes and the first of my bell peppers are ready for roasting and skinning for a summer antipasto.

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