What's in Season - May

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May is the time when we begin to turn our attention towards summer, that sense of optimism in the garden, to get things done before the on set of long hot days and wonderful harvests. That said, May can still throw surprises at us, warm days are followed by cold nights and slight frosts and the remnants of April showers.
May is the month for Asparagus, a luxurious vegetable and usually paired with other luxury ingredients such as sauce Hollandaise or Bearnaise, smoked salmon, cured ham and parmesan. Spinach and sorrel are a favourite treat this month, both work very well with fish, in salads, pastas and soups. Try not to overcook them, sorrel does lose its colour when cooked so add only at the end, the small young leaves are best and give a strong citrus kick to any dish.

Another salad favourite is Rocket, wonderfully peppery, it was hammered to death on the restaurant scene a few years ago and now seems to be regaining its rightful respect as an important salad in any kitchen garden. Radish is great for picking off the young leaves and throwing into a green salad tossed in vinaigrette to add some pepper and spice. The radish bulb is delicious when served with some good unsalted butter and crunchy sea salt.
Wild Salmon and Sea Trout are also in season and both pair very well with wilted spinach, creamed sorrel, grilled or steamed asparagus or, indeed a salad of wild rocket and Dandelion leaves.