What's in Season - September

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I love September, it is the month where the summer days are coming to an end, there is a noticeable chill in the air and our thoughts slowly turn to autumn.
Despite some fine weather to be had and the remnants of the summer harvest still at our disposal, I cannot help but think of slow cooked dishes, thick soups, pulses and especially Game.

Many of us will be picking the last of the ripe tomatoes and wishing for some late sun for the inevitable glut of green fruit that has green tomato chutney written all over it. Many of my chillies are crying out for a prolonged period of sun to ripen,the Cayenne’s have been very productive as have the wonderful Poblanos. The Guajillo’s and Mulato’s are turning colour and will make excellent salsas whilst the new batch of Joe’s Long will dry well and become a staple in my kitchen during the winter months.

Mussels are excellent in September as are native oysters and black bream-keep it simple, classic French preparations will do the trick. Blackberries are there for the picking as are juniper and elderberries. The damp mornings signal the arrival of the mushroom season, there are some fantastic varieties to be picked now; ceps, oyster, giant puffballs, the last of the chanterelles, chicken of the woods and a few summer truffles.

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