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Vegetarian food has a rich global history, evolving through religion, geography and culture. In the west many view vegetarianism as a fad that has increased in popularity in recent years, that animal lovers eat it as a point of principal rather than an issue of taste.

Of course, the slaughter of animals for human consumption is abhorrent to many, for others their religion dictates it whilst for some the geographical location and/or cost prevents it. What is without question however is the abundance of great vegetarian food throughout the world. To better understand the history and relevance of vegetarian food in today’s society this section is divided into geographical areas rather than certain food types. By this we can see how the spice traders of centuries past helped shape the cooking styles of the countries they visited and how these flavours transform everyday vegetables into dishes of unique tastes.

Vegetarian food is far more diverse and delicious than many would believe; there are countless variations on pasta, rice, pulses, vegetables and fruits that warrants a closer look by vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Don’t be afraid to experiment either, combine flavours and cooking methods as you see fit, after all that is how the world’s original fusion food came about. Whilst you should try some of the more unusual vegetables imported into your country it is also important to see what is in season and so buy your produce at their peak.

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