Vegetarian Soups - How to Make and Prepare

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Soups are a great way of showcasing how interesting and diverse vegetarian cooking can be. There are so many ingredients, spices and food styles that combined make for limitless possibilities and countless variations.

Soup has long had that ‘good for you’ label attached to it and for good reason; lots of vegetables, pulses and fresh herbs cooked in a nourishing stock go a long way to providing us with our daily vitamin requirements. Making soup should be easy and quick with minimum fuss and attention to detail. They are a great way of using leftovers and turning a starter into a heartier main course.

Tuscan Bean and Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soups are an ideal way to showcase the seasons, chunks of root vegetables in a winter broth, an Italian vegetable and pasta soup in the spring, a chilled gazpacho on a summer’s day or a cream of the first mushrooms of autumn. It is the type of vegetable available on any given day that best influences the type of soup that you make. By that I mean if it is the season for squashes then a puree of the roasted vegetable is perfect whereas the beans, peas and courgettes of summer make for a wonderful minestrone verde.

Do not be tempted to put all your soups into a blender, as satisfying as a puree of leek and potato is it can also be left in dice and served in its own cooking broth to give added texture and interest. Pulses make great soups, think Indian lentil dal’s thinned with a little stock, or those exceptional puy lentils from France, a puree of dried haricot beans or a thick split pea soup served with chunks of bread and good olive oil. Have a go at making soup, they are easy to make and satisfying to eat.

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