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Some of my fondest childhood memories are of picking wild blackberries during a lull in a days fishing with my father and brother, eating half of what I picked and proudly presenting my mother with a bag of squashed fruits to make a wonderful jam or crumble with. As much as I disliked my mother removing the red stains from my hands with a scrubbing brush it always seemed worth the trouble and why in later life I wonder why blackberries are not more popular.

English summer fruits picked in the wild really are something special and should be done more often. We often went as a family to a pick your own field for strawberries and raspberries and although not wild so much better than the forced ones so commonplace in the supermarkets today. Yes these are cultivated but they are at least grown in your own country in accordance with your season and climate and that can only make them taste better. Wild fruits are there to be picked, more often hidden gems in an undergrowth of stinging nettles and thorns to keep all but the most intrepid of foragers at bay. If the nettles and thorns prove too much there is always the PYO-a slight cheat it may be but better than the other alternative nonetheless.
Blackberry - Bramble

Content and picture Miles Collins