Wild Leeks

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Wild leeks, or ramps as they are otherwise known, surface for the forager at the same time as wild garlic. Similar in strength to garlic they can be used much in the same way as onions, spring onions and leeks and can be adapted to a number of recipes where their bright green colour can be used to full effect.

Wild Leeks

Unlike wild garlic, ramps are less common. Native to America they can be found in Scotland, Wales and Southwest England. Look out for them in places close to the sea, particularly rocky areas in and around cliff ledges. April is the month for the first crop to appear, pick the stems when still quite young, the plant flowers in June and can reach a height of one metre.

High in vitamins A and C, ramps have been linked to research in both cancer and cholesterol; cook them quickly to retain their natural vitamins and minerals whilst maintaining their bright colour. Perfect with spring lamb, fish, potatoes and especially soups they are worth looking out for on restaurant menus or better still, on your next wild food excursion.


Content and picture Miles Collins