Wood Sorrel

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I love sorrel, the broad-leaved common variety features on a number of my fish and pasta dishes and early spring signals the first pickings of wood sorrel, so abundant amongst the conifer trees in shaded woods throughout the British countryside.

Wood Sorrel

Also known as Wood Sour, Fairy Bells, Stickwort, Three-Leaved Grass and Stubwort, its popularity declined after the introduction of common sorrel probably because the latter is bigger and easier to pick and deal with. In years gone by, herbalists used wood sorrel to cleanse the blood and cure a sickly stomach although we now know that too much wood sorrel can cause discomfort.

Sensitive to light, the leaves are only fully open in the shade of trees and undergrowth, too much sun and they close in on themselves. The leaves should be picked when still young; use the leaves and their fragile stems in salads for a sharp citrus kick.

Content and picture Miles Collins